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Chef Aaron is downtown West Palm Beach

Aaron Arruda is the Chef @ CAFEMODERNE

· Chef Aaron,Plat du Jour

Aaron Arruda is more than that, so far!

Aaron, a California native, born and raised in the beautiful central valley. He found his passion for the culinary arts after proudly serving in the United States Marine Corp!

As a young and determined veteran, he went to a Culinary School in West Hills - California.

What's more, he furthered his education under the tutelage of two Chefs, Executive Chef Christian Raia and Chef Dan Beeler.

In addition, his experience as a butcher at Lemoore Food Locker was a fantastic addition to the "know how" and expertise that he's brought to Cafe Moderne.

Chef Aaron Arruda - Cafe Moderne West Palm Beach

More than a Cuisinier

If you ask Chef Aaron what are his favorite hobbies, he will tell you to meet him at Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach to peruse french cookbooks...

He is a big fan of charcuterie, sausages and any cuts of meat. His candidness in speaking with anyone on the topic displays his obvious passion.

Chef Aaron Arruda has a big heart and is involved in serving the homeless community of West Palm Beach as a volunteer for the last annual Thanksgiving day, as seen on local television.

Chef Aaron has become a staple to the kitchen at Cafe Moderne and his ability to create is taking the dining experience to the next level!

Chef, what is the Plat du jour today?

Plat du jour by Chef Aaron Arruda

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