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    November 29, 2017 · Chef Aaron,Plat du Jour
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  • What was the today's specials ?

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    Monday's Special


    The term is given to a dish that contains Dijon mustard or is served with a sauce that contains this mustard from France.

    This Monday's Special is a Dijonnaise with a boneless pork loin roast (free range organic pork), roasted veggies, secrets, love & voilà !!!

    To pair with a dry riesling from Dash, an organic grape from California.

    By Chef Aaron @cafemodernewpb

    Meet the Meat

    The Butcher Choice!

    December 16: USDA prime chuck eye steak, a butcher choice from Chef Aaron, with a veggie medley and spices: chilies, cumin, garlic, onion, oregano, coriander, bay leaves, black pepper, secrets, love & voilà !!!

    To pair with a Tempranillo, from Spain.

    By Chef Aaron @cafemodernewpb

    Charcuterie & Giblets $18

    2 Pâtés, salame, giblets side on a board, and giblets

    December 14:

    Charcuterie & Giblets board, gherkins, pickles, and voilà !!! To pair with a Gamay, from Loire, from Beaujolais...

    Risotto morels, cafe moderne west palm beach

    Risotto $13

    European style 4 sure !

    December 12:

    Brussels sprouts, carnaroli rice, wild caught morels and it's fine/pure sauce, butter, shallots, secrets, love & devotion.

    Pair this summer light and consistent/tasty recipe with a pinot gris from Switzerland !

    Bien ou bien ?

    By Chef Aaron @cafemodernewpb

    Plat du jour - cafe moderne - West Palm Beach

    Monday surprise $11

    European delish!

    December 11:

    Croissant, terrific homemade pesto, smoked salmon (lox), goat cheese, spices, green mix and olive oil dressing, love & smiles.

    By Chef Aaron @cafemodernewpb

    Carnivorous $19

    Meet the Meat

    December 9: Beef, pork and chicken party with simple grilled peppercorn, onions and olive oil bread, cumin seeds, Espelette pepper.

    Enjoy a rainy cold winter Saturday on Clematis Street - West Palm Beach.

    Meat, bread, veggies, herbs, spices, love & grill.

    By Chef Aaron @cafemodernewpb

    Coq au Vin $13

    Ploup ploup ploup...

    December 8: Le Coq au Vin is another famous traditional recipe from Europe, another kind of crock pot, waiting in a fireplace for hours and hours.

    Pairing: the French wine used for this recipe is a Minervois "Sentinelle de Massiac", a rustic but fair bottle, in a perfect match ...

    Ploup ploup ploup is the little sound of the bubbles in this pot, in the heat of the oven!

    Chicken, wine, veggies, herbs, spices, love & patience

    By Chef Aaron @cafemodernewpb

    Risotto Today's Special Cafe Moderne WPB

    Wednesday Risotto $11

    Forza Italia !

    December 6: You like veggies? The Wednesday Risotto Special is made with a *Chicken broth, a fantastic fresh *Pesto, vine ripe Tomatoes, Parmigiano-Reggiano flakes, an Arborio rice. Pairing: An Etna wine, more for pleasure than pairing, but you know...

    Rice, veggies, herbs, spices, love & patience and *homemade

    Pork, duck, thick bacon, beans, bouquet garni, duck broth, spices, love & patience.

    By Chef Aaron @cafemodernewpb

    Kasmiri chicken skewers West Palm Beach

    Kashmiri Chicken Skewers $12

    Warm and then, fresh...

    December 4: These grilled chicken satay skewers are marinated in a coconut Kasmiri Masala sauce, served with fresh cucumber salad, sesame dressing. The Cardamome Lassi side is the antidote and the best friend of these spices! Warm but accessible recipe!

    Pairing: once again, the Rosé Claret from Bordeaux is a good choice.

    Meat, veggies, fruit juice, spices, love & patience.

    By Chef Aaron @CafeModernewpb

    Braised sausage, cafe moderne west Palm Beach

    Braised Sausage $10

    A fresh rustic touch

    December 4: The beer braised Toulouse sausage is served with Yukon sauteed potatoes, herbs, topped with the famous Mornay sauce, some pickled red cabbage and a fresh snap pea mix, home made vinaigrette and tiny peppers from Peru! To pair with a Biodynamique Bordeaux Claret Rosé, from Château Tire Pé, or a red wine of your choice.

    Special batch sausage from the Butcher Shop, Mornay sauce, veggies, spices, love & patience.

    By Chef Aaron @cafemodernewpb

    Cali valley tartine Today's Special Cafe Moderne WPB

    California Valley Tartine $10

    A center California touch

    December 3: The California Valley Tartine is a French open-faced sandwich with a rich Soppressata spread on a sourdough country bread, topped with an organic egg* of your choice, fresh Pico de Gallo (Salsa Fresca) and tomatillo, grilled corn medallions. To pair with a Biodynamique Bordeaux Claret Rosé, from Château Tire Pé

    Nduja Soppressata, egg, bread, veggies, spices, love & patience.

    By Chef Aaron @cafemodernewpb

    Cassoulet Today's Special Cafe Moderne WPB

    Cassoulet, the French Stew in West Palm Beach $12

    An old traditionnal recipe

    December 1-2: The Cassoulet is a French consistent and rich recipe which can be translated by "meat and bean stew". It is therefore originally a peasant family recipe, made of seeds in which the meats available in the pantry of the peasants of the time cook slowly. The dish is left in a corner of the fireplace early in the morning, simmers well during the day and is consumed during the evening meal. Pork, duck, thick bacon, beans, bouquet garni, duck broth, spices, love & patience.

    By Chef Aaron @cafemodernewpb

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